Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Easter!

We had a fun Easter here at home!  
Getting ready to dye eggs.
 Regan's first Easter!  She was excited.  :)

 Easter Morning!

 Love the bed head Reggy!!  :)
 Finding Easter eggs!

 We'll just say it was a rough morning for some.  So this was as close to a family pic as you'll get.  :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Regan!!!!

Our little girl is 1 year old!!!  
Time is flying!  Regan is so much fun!  She is a very happy girl and loves her family.  She loves playing with Connor and Briella, they both like to help her a lot.  :)  She's not crawling or walking yet but she really gets around rolling and scooting - it's impressive!  She always wants to eat what we are eating and likes trying all these new foods.  

For her birthday day we had a family friend over and just did dinner, birthday cake and a couple presents.
 She's just like her siblings - LOVES watermelon! :)

 Present time!

Here's a video of the birthday girl!  :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Break at Aunt Katelin and Uncle Joe's house in Utah!

During spring break at the end of March we went to visit Katelin and Joe.  They bought a crib from Matt's boss so that was our excuse to go visit - we had to bring the crib!  :)  It was fun!  We helped them get ready for their baby (due in June) and played and relaxed!

One of the days we went to St. George and walked about the temple grounds and went to the Visitor's Center.  It was a beautiful day and the temple is gorgeous!  Then afterwards we went to Iceberg for lunch - oh, the memories from my childhood!  :)

 My cute prego sister!!  :)

 Another day we went to the park and flew Katelin and Joe's minion kite!  It was great!  There were gusts of wind and so it really got going.  :)

 Connor kept trying to catch the kite as it was coming down.  It was quite hilarious! :)

 Me and my cute sister!  I miss her!

 Playtime with Aunty Katelin!
 On the car ride home we made bracelets out of Fruit loops.  Needless to say, Reggy LOVED hers!  She got very mad at me when I took it away because there was nothing left.  :)

 Sticky CUTE face!  :)

So much fun!!!!  We miss them a lot!!  Can't wait to meet their baby girl this summer! 
Thanks for an awesome spring break Aunty Katelin and Uncle Joe!! :)
Love you guys lots!!!